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Loneliness is blunt, clear, recognisable. It is when you're either within or outside the circle, but never part of it, no part of you can ever touch the circle. You can't be like the others, and people do not accept that which they do not recognise. Very probably you don't really like the others just as much as they don't like you, or simply there's nothing in common or you're too shy or whatever. But the point is, that at no point does the circle touch you. You find yourself alone. ALONE. It makes you feel worthless. It makes you sit on your bed listening to the saddest songs you know and cry to yourself asking it why it is so unlovable. What is wrong with you? You look for answers anywhere you can find them, asking what's wrong with you. Why are you so, so, so terribly unwanted, when all you want is to get along and it all be rainbows and butterflies and you try to be nice in your own shy and awkward ways. But why can't you be out there with everyone …