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Rain falls gently like a cold and lazy shower. It falls restlessly and unsparingly.
I know how it feels, this rain. Falling off the vast freedom of the sky into the magnetic green of the earth.
The magnetic green that won't fall back for the rain, but will take it's freshness and wetness to get rid of the heat and dust that has covered the life of it.
The rain is selfless and foolish. It keeps falling. Falling. Dropping itself straight into the deep green. Giving it life and soul. Beautiful rain. Stupid rain. Good rain.
The earth loves it too, but in a different way. The earth won't fall back for the rain.

The man who sold his soul!

His eyes are big, round and dark brown.
Dark like the secrets of the night and the omen of a raven. Dark like a black cat crossing the path of one that is very superstitious.
His eyes shine with evil. They pierce through every thought you may dare to have, and even those you might not.
They give back nothing.
They're like two soul sucking black holes on the face that has started to show his years.
He ages too.
He's growing old and yellow.
I had a bird on a cage who died of thirst. He was old and yellow too. He had those round, piercing, birdy eyes too.
They'll still shine black when he dies.
Not everything that shines is pretty.

Some people bring happiness wherever they go...

I have a friend who smiles pretty.
My heart melts like a Wetherspoon's chocolate fudge cake just thinking of it.
I long for his smile.
It comes from somewhere magic. Some place with flowers and butterflies and cotton candy.
It shines. I want it.
I want to be the reason for it.
I want his eyes to crinkle up and sparkle when they look at me.
I want to make him happy. I want to make him laugh everytime. I want to see him smile like a child for whom Christmas came early.
More than anything and above everything I feel, I long to see his smile again.
In my world filled with depressed souls, that smile is the brightest thing I have ever seen.
It made me happy.

The should of an end.

A cold summer night. Monday, clubbing night, but the party mood disappeared like the warmth of summer and they soon found themselves out, arguing, driving back home by midnight.
They drove through some dark roads surrounded by vast, peaceful fields. She had always enjoyed the emptiness of the countryside. It seemed to her that it gave her the opportunity to spread her imagination beyond limits.
She looked up to the sky. No stars. This meant that tomorrow would also be a cold day. The thought that nothing would change hung above her head like death.
 You could see the anger on his red face turning into sadness. That kind of soft, vulnerable sadness she despised, for only weak people and those with feelings of guilt could possess this particular sadness. His lips distorted into something like a polite smile as they joined the others in the A. car park. 
The purple forest that looked like the place of fairies during daytime, had turned into a menacing labyrinth filled with wet grass and …