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Melting sunsets and endless roads...

Cross-legged on a bus, I have just left behind me the beautiful architecture of Barcelona and the heat of Spain.
Sunset, melting over the south of France. The bus drives towards it's openness, ready to be swallowed.
I have my headphones in and cannot listen to the pages of the book my friend is reading anymore. Love songs on my phone. They all bring me to the same image. The one I love.
These endless fields stretch in the horizon, part green, part orange, part blue... Yet, their vastness is nothing, compared to my love for you.
What does love look like? I don't know whether to smile or cry. My face, is the sky and you the gravity of the earth that pulls me towards youthful dreams and ambitious goals.
We are not gently passive like fields and sunsets in the south of France.
We are great, unsettled, and fast like wheels on an open road...


I’ve inked paper in many languages, but words get messy and loud. In the blur of confusion thinking often becomes hard.
What language do I think in? What language is my own if in my mind, they all become one?
I think in pictures. Yes, that’s a valid language. The language you can never forget.
The images are clear and vivid, like moving pictures in high definition swimming through my brain like little fish.
Perfect details. It’s odd. I know. 
They want to edit my brain with weird technology. But it’s really my eyes they should be looking at.
My ink-stained eyes, forever sketching in my head.