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Never say never, never say forever.

Daring, is he who loves deeply without being love's fool. Foolish is he who believes in not being in this world alone.
For nothing lasts forever. People are perishable items where life and affection seem to flow eternally. But people, do not lie to yourself, are perishable.
Therefore, he is daring, who loves another even though he knows he will lose them. Even though he knows he is giving away a piece of his heart forever. Gentle hero, who looks at pain straight in the eye.
Gentle heroes, us, lovers and friends, and siblings of someone. Gentle cousins, sons, daughters and mothers and fathers. We are all heroes in this life. This life that will one day wretch us all and take us straight out of each other's arms.
We are no fools. We are daring lovers of the person, for a while, and then the earth where they lay.
Our tears will water new plants. Our love will grow. The tree of life will be reborn and back in the earth we will lay again one day, each one of us, alone.
Foolish is h…

Fluffy dreams and silent wishes...

Don't let me down, in this dusty town with the noises of drunken boys and girls who fall over skinny heels and rotten hearts.
Find me somewhere in my dreams that smell of roses and turkish delight. I will hold your hand and pull you in... We'll wear petals and flow along to sweet sounds of waltzes in a classical concert in Vienna. You will lift me and we'll fill our souls with music. We will walk along a river, maybe Paris, maybe Rome. We will fill our eyes with sunshine or maybe sunsets on a beach.  And if maybe we get hungry, we will fly in dreams to Tokyo. We will find a restaurant and we will fill ourselves with warmth and even ramen if you like. When we get tired we can stop, on the yellow sofa in front of the TV. We'll rest our heads on each others hearts and wake up happy. We'll wake up free. We won't care of any clich├ęs, shamelessly filling our heads with dreams... Don't let me down, in this dusty town with the noises of drunken boys and girls who f…