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A great man

My grandfather has soft and fragile looking hands and a home full of women. My grandfather has the most beautiful hazel eyes that welcome me into a world of love, warmth and comfort.
He braids my hair with his gentle hands. He also built a house, a home, and a fireplace, with the same hands.
He walks me and my friends to school every morning, and sometimes we're late because he stops to help strangers on the street, sometimes he stops to tell people off for being too aggressive with their own children. No one would dare talk back to my grandad.
Sunday morning, his dark blue cardigan wrapped and tied around my little self, we dance and sing along to Frank Sinatra songs. We eat an excessive amount of toast, feta and olives, dark, salty, bitter olives that he says are the colour of my eyes.
My grandfather cries at sad movies, and takes hours to get ready every time he walks out of the house. He says women are beautiful as they are and it is the men who need to try harder, as he l…