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The Poet

Words need to be loved. Sounds need to be caressed by tongues more than lips need to be kissed. Punctuation needs to be eyed and appreciated more than a pair of eyes full of light. Poetry, needs to make love.
Poetry needs to make love with your mind and send shivers down your spine when it enters with the light in your eyes and travels through your blood.
Lines need to flash before your eyes when you think of beauty and be frozen in your memory forever.
Words need to be loved.
They need to roll down your tongue and into the world like a thousand waterfalls. They need to be touched with your fingers as if you cannot believe it's true. Words need to be touched more than the milky skin of the one you claim to love.
Rhythm needs to pour out of your heart with such strength your chest aches until it's all out, leaving your body through your fingertips...
My dear, if you want to love a poet, you must learn to open up your mind like a vast sky and love the words flying free.