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Icebergs between us

Baby got flames in her head and an explosive heart. You made her just the way you wanted. Baby got big eyes and a button nose and curls the shape of angry oceans. Baby got secrets, drowned treasures underneath the surface. But baby, is just the way you wanted. Soft skin glitters under the sun, lips pale, like pink chewing gum.
Baby, all cheekbones and smile, and tempest inside. Because that's the way you wanted.
Baby, baby. So humble, so kind. She nods. She knows her place... It's in her mind.
Baby, strangers praise: you've made her so well.
So humble, so kind, no praise, don't mind.
But baby got secrets, drowned, lost deep inside. You made her skin, her teacup eyes and chewy lips but baby, baby's all fire inside.